Recovery: Hotels, Lodging and Short-Term Rentals

Hotels, Lodging and Short-Term Rentals can reopen with safeguards as Los Angeles County moves forward on the Roadmap to Recovery.

Hotels, Lodging, and Short Term Rentals 

What are hotels and short-term rentals doing to slow the spread of COVID-19?

Hotels and short-term rentals are required to ensure that guests and staff follow all public health protocols, including practicing physical distancing, wearing cloth face coverings and following infection control practices.

What are the disinfecting protocols that need to be followed?

Rooms, including surfaces, electronics and soft furniture, must be cleaned thoroughly after each stay using approved Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disinfectants and techniques.

Are towels and all bedding cleaned between each guest?

Yes, all linens must be removed after each stay and cleaned in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

How often are housekeeping, room delivery and maintenance staff screened for symptoms?

Daily, before the start of their shift. Anyone feeling sick or showing symptoms must stay home.

Should hotel staff wear face coverings?

All staff must be provided face coverings and wear them. In addition, they should use additional protective equipment, such as gloves, when necessary.

Should guests wear face coverings?

Yes, hotel guests should wear face coverings when outside of their rooms in addition to maintaining at least six feet of physical distance.

Are rooms cleaned daily or only at the end of a guest stay?

It is up to each hotel/rental property to determine a cleaning schedule. Most hotels offer daily room cleaning.

Will the mini bar be available in my room?


Will there be an in-room coffee maker available?

Single-serve coffee makers may be provided with disposable cups, instead of glassware, coffee cups or multi-cup makers.

Will ice machines be available?


Are guest laundry / dry cleaning services available?

Yes, pick-up and delivery should be done with contactless measures in place.

Will in-room information on the facility be available?

Yes, single use information guides may be made available to guests, but shared items you may have seen before, such as menus, will be removed from rooms.

How are hotel elevators managed to accommodate physical distancing?

Elevator capacity is limited to 4 individuals or a family at a time for any elevator that does not allow for 6-foot physical distance between riders. All riders are required to wear cloth face coverings.

Are hotel bars open?

Bars that serve food are able to open as long as physical distancing measures are in place.

Are hotel fitness centers open?

Fitness centers are allowed to open, but check with each property to determine if they have opened their fitness center.

Are hotel business centers open?

No, hotel business centers are not open.

Is the spa open?


Should I allow the hotel staff to store or handle my luggage?

You may. It is recommended staff wear face coverings and gloves. Where possible, baggage deliveries are to be placed in the room by the guest.

Can I book an event (conference, wedding, meeting space)?

No, gatherings are not permitted.

Are there special ventilation procedures?

Facilities should consider installing portable high-efficiency air cleaners, upgrading the building’s air filters to the highest efficiency possible, and making other modifications to increase the quantity of outside air and ventilation in all offices, guest rooms and other spaces.

Are valet services operational / recommended?

They may operate, but it is up to each hotel to determine if they are offering the service. If they are, physical distancing, face covering and hand washing guidelines should be followed.

Public Health Protocols for Reopening

Hotels, Lodging, and Short Term Rentals Translated FAQs

Short Term Rentals 

Can I use my time-share?

Yes, with members of your own household.

Can I book a VRBO / Airbnb?

Yes, with members of your own household.

What kind of enhanced cleaning practices are required?

Enhanced cleaning of all high-touch areas, kitchens, pantries and linens are required. Rental units should also be equipped with additional hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper, disinfecting spray or wipes, and hand sanitizer. All leftover pantry items should be removed after each guest. Extra linens should not be stored in units and should be offered only on request. Pots and pans and other kitchen items that remain on the property after each guest must be cleaned between each guests’ stay. Property owners should also ensure that HVAC and air filters are replaced regularly.

Are there extra precautions needed for bathroom cleanings?

Bathrooms need to be cleaned with a multi-surface cleaner approved for use against COVID-19 by the EPA. Bathroom floors must also be vacuumed and mopped.

Is it safe to use kitchen items at a short-term rental?

Yes, property owners are required to clean all kitchen items between each guest stay - including all items left in cabinets. Also, all appliances, kitchen areas including refrigerator shelving, oven stovetop, coffee-makers, toasters must be cleaned after each guest. Owners should consider using one-time use dinnerware and utensils when possible.

Hotels, Lodging, and Short Term Rentals Translated FAQs