Recovery: Restaurants

In-person dining in restaurants can resume immediately with safeguards as Los Angeles County moves forward on the Roadmap to Recovery.

Dine-in Restaurants

**To slow the spread of COVID-19, restaurants are prohibited from offering indoor dining, effective July 1 until further notice. Outdoor dining, delivery and take-out are still permitted.**

Is dining in a restaurant safe?

Yes, dining in a restaurant is safe if both patrons and restaurant operators follow the Public Health infection control protocols. Los Angeles County would not have sought to reopen this critical element of our community if the metrics that show our progress indicated uncontrolled COVID-19 infection rates.

But because person-to-person contact is how COVID-19 spreads, the County is limiting capacity in restaurants, mandating physical distancing and face coverings and requiring new infection control protocols in restaurants. 

Is dining outdoors safer than dining indoors?

Both indoor and outdoor dining can offer enhanced safety when Public Health infection control protocols are followed.

Do servers need to wear masks and/or gloves?

All restaurant workers should minimize the amount of time spent within six feet of guests. Depending on the work they do, employees will be required to wear cloth face coverings, face shields, and/or gloves if they are in contact with others.

Are all patrons required to receive a temperature check upon entry?

It’s not required, but some restaurants may choose to do this. However, patrons should always make use of available hand sanitizer, and wear a face covering when not eating or drinking. If you feel sick, please stay home and do not go to a restaurant.

Are bathrooms cleaned after each use?

Bathrooms are required to be checked regularly and must be cleaned on an hourly basis with approved Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disinfectants.

Are new requirements in place for food handling?

Existing food handling and food preparations protocols already safeguard against foodborne illness.

Are menus safe to use?

Reusable menus are cleaned and disinfected between each customer use. Alternatives such as stationary menu boards, electronic menus, or mobile device downloadable menus should be considered by establishments.

What is the best way to pay?

Cashless transactions are strongly encouraged.

Can I sit at the bar?

Yes, if customers can adhere to the 6 feet physical distancing requirements, including maintaining six feet of distance from employee work or food or drink preparation areas.

Public Health Protocols for Reopening